The world‘s greatest  Freestyle BMX Event – the snipes BMX COLOGNE – will be held again on June 23rd and 24th, 2018, in the Jugendpark.

„NO TRANSITION“ is the motto and on these two days, the spotlight will be on the fun of the spectacular stunts and tricks as well as the fascinating lightness of the sport.
In June, 2018, the organizers around BMX legend Stephan Prantl return to the two-day event format and in the year before their 35th anniversary, will continue to follow their belief in bringing the sport and the festival back to their roots.

This year the focus will be on the disciplines Street, Flatland and Kickturn Ramp Old School Style, all of which will be taken on by riders in the classes Amateur, Pro and Old Schoolers.

More than 200 athletes from more than 10 nations are expected at this unique event. The snipes BMX COLOGNE 2018 will, like last year, be free to fans and visitors – “NO TRANSITION” is offering everything but Ramps with Transitions! BMX Cologne is known for it’s in freedom and down-to-earthness. The BMX Festival will be rounded up by an „80s Roller Skate Disco“ as well as food trucks and a shopping mile, so that attendees‘ hunger and thirst will be serviced in original ways and that they can shop for everything they want, from sunglasses to BMX bikes.


– BMX –
Doors Open 10 am / Entry is FREE
Flatland / Street – Open Session & Stuff up for Grabs and 12.500 € Pro Purse
Oldschool – 80´s Kickturn Ramp Session / 80´s dress code!!
For registration send your name, age, city, country & your discipline (Flatland or Street) to: t.michel@theboxoffice.de

80s Roller Skate Disco will start at 10:00 PM at the Jugendpark. Our Partner BTFL will be renting out Skates, we sugest you bring your own matching your Outfit!