By now legendary our “BUMPER CAR RINK” Flatland Floor!
Just like the previous years we’re offering the best possible FLATLAND FLOOR for our riders. The Flatland Highlight weekend will be presented and ran by the Master of Ceremony Mr. Scott Obrien. Expect the crème de la crème of the international BMX Flatland Family to be at the Jugendpark this summer. Flatland being the most progress discipline in BMX, it will be interesting to see what’s new in the Flatland World?!

All new course design by Ryan Corrigan. The former BMX Pro Rider and now Ramp designer and builder will be in charge of the new STREET COURSE lay out. The motto of this years event is “NO TRANSITION”!
It’s going to be STREET riders playground with everything BUT ramps with TRANSITION; Come and play.

How could we forget where we’re coming from. Let’s give the Oldies something to play. Flatland, Kickturn, and Quarter Ramp lovers are welcome.