By now legendary our “BUMPER CAR RINK” Flatland Floor!
Just like the previous years we’re offering the best possible FLATLAND FLOOR for our riders. The Flatland Highlight weekend will be presented and ran by the Master of Ceremony Mr. Scott Obrien. Expect the crème de la crème of the international BMX Flatland Family to be at the Jugendpark this summer. Flatland being the most progress discipline in BMX, it will be interesting to see what’s new in the Flatland World?!

This discipline is based on the legendary Braun Spine Ramp that has been copied many times over the years. We have the original and we’ll extend the ramp with all kind of additional elements, such as Box Jump, Hips, Walls and extensions to create Park layout. It will be placed in the center of our venue at Jugendpark.

One of the favorite disciplines of our participants and spectators will be back under the Zoo Bridge that creates this unique “BMX WORLDS COLOGNE ATHMOSPHERE”.
Thousands of BMX enthusiasts cheering for some of the best Dirt riders in the World.
For over 15 Years Markus Hampl a former BMX Pro is in charge of creating and building our Dirt Lines in Cologne, expect the unexpected.

10 Years ago we managed to do what seemed impossible— Reunite one of the BEST Teams in BMX history! Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther and Dave Nourie.
The Show back in 2009 was for many a very emotional moment. 2019 it’s time to create that special moment once again. Since BMX Freestyle always leaves room for improvement, team is adding some team mates. We’re stoked to announce that Mat Hoffman will join the crew for this years Legends Demo.

NEW: Fakie
The Fakie World Championship was established in 2014 by a group of riders that demanded a more challenging route than going forwards.
Old, mid and new school riders got together and created the ultimate in BMX Freestyle competition. Previous competitors include Mark Webb, Ben Hennon and the current champion of the world Jamie “jaydogg” Fairbrother.
The initial “original” judging system has been discussed throughout the BMX world and has divided communities. Following consultations with the riders the system that will be employed for 2019 is BBSSv1 (Backwards BMX Scoring System). The system has been designed to pick out all the individualities that BMX has to offer and combine them to create an outcome through the criteria – 1.1a. Going backwards the furthest.
In laymans terms this means whoever goes backwards the furthest wins.
To ensure the criteria is upheld our international Judges have been attending training camps throughout the winter. Although this is meant to be a fun event it is secondary to the rules and regulations.
The event this year will be held at-
Due to the high profile nature there is no prize or Cash that could fit its stature so there is no prize or cash money.