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General Terms and Conditions

1. Entry is allowed only with a valid admission ticket. The re-sale of a purchased admission ticket is not allowed. The organizer has the right to deny entry to guests for good cause. In such cases, the guest has only the right to a refund of the face price of the admission ticket, as long as the reasons for the denial of the guest are justified. Any further claim for damages is not allowed, unless the organizer acts with gross negligence or with willful intent. The entry to the Jugendpark premises is allowed only with a guest armband.

2. If the event is cancelled before it takes place, ticket holders have only the right to a refund of the face value of the ticket. The event can be cancelled up until it starts without reasons being given. There is no further claim for damages. The event will take place no matter what the weather, as long as the organizer can be responsible under the weather conditions. If the weather conditions pose a physical danger to guests, the event will be immediately stopped. In this case, as well as if the event is stopped due to other reasons such as acts of nature, official decree or judicial ruling, as well as the possibility of danger to guests through the behaviour of others or through overcrowding, there can be no claim for reimbursement or damages unless the organizer can be shown to have acted with gross negligence or willful intent.

2a. The organizer retains the right to limt the entry to certain areas of the Jugendpark, such as ramps or other performance areas, for security reasons. There is no right for claims for damages for this, as it is not possible to predict the movement of guests.

3. Damages claims against the organizer for negligence are precluded. This also applies to its legal representatives or agents. This provision does not apply for damages due to injuries to guests’ bodies, lifes, or health, as well as gross negligence or willfulness of the organizer (except for number 2) or because of injury to essential contractual provisions, whereby the claims for damages will be limited to the compenstion for the predictable, typical damages. Futher liablities are excluded.

4. It is not allowed to bring on to the event grounds glass containers of any kind, cannisters, plastic bottles, PET bottles, cans, and/or other drink containers, food, rigid packaging, cool bags/boxes, beer cases, other heavy containers, torches, pyrotechnical objects, weapons of any sort as well as other dangerous objects. There will be a security check at the entry point. The security services are instructed to conduct body searches. The guest declares himself in agreement with this through the purchase of an admission ticket. Violations against legal provisions or these regulations can lead to an ejection from the event grounds. In that case, a refund or the payment of damages is excluded, unless gross negligence or willful intent can be proven against the organizer.

5. Photography and filming for private use are allowed.

6. The organizer retains the right to change the location and/or date of the event, so long as this is not unreasonable for guests and is made known one week before the start of the event. The organizer also has the right to change the program. Cancellation or changes will be made public by the organizer as early as possible and can also take place after the event has started for good cause. Guests will have no grounds for claims, unless the organizer acts with gross negligence or willful intent.

7. Insofar as the guest has the right to park his vehicle on the Jugendpark grounds, he does so at his own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any damage or theft, unless gross negligence or willful intent by the organizer can be shown.

8. The organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

9. Any commercial activities by guests are not allowed without previous written permission from the organizers.

10. The house regulations will be carried out by the organizers and other authorized parties on the entire Jugendpark grounds.

11. Climbing on the ramps, traverses and other structures is forbidden. Such actions can lead to ejection from the event.

12. Laws pertaining to the protection of minors in the public apply on the entire Jugendpark grounds. Those aged 8 to 16 years old will be allowed to enter only when accompanied by a parent, guardian or other authorized person.

13. By entering the Jugendpark grounds, the guest gives his irrevocable permission for the unpaid use of his image and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, other broadcasts and/or recordings of pictures and/or sound, which are compiled by the organizer or his agents in connection with the event, as well as their use in all current and future media (especially in the form of sound and image-bearing media as well as for digital use, such as on the internet).

14. The court of jurisdiction for any dispute on contractual or legal grounds – as far as legally permissible – is Cologne; German law applies.

15. If any clause should be ineffective, the other clauses will not be affected. The legal regulatilons will replace the ineffective clause.